U of T St. George Positive Space

St. George

The Positive Space Committee on the St. George campus is currently looking for 1-2 employees (staff, faculty members, or librarians) to volunteer to provide leadership to the Committee as Chair or Co-Chair. Learn more about these positions on the SGDO website.

The Positive Space Committee for the St. George campus meets occasionally to discuss emerging issues, respond to needs throughout the campus, plan social activities, and network with others to support the Positive Space Campaign.

These meetings are a gathering of students, staff, faculty, and librarians across the campus who are interested in supporting Positive Space and connecting with others committed to addressing homophobia and transphobia and making our learning and working environments more inclusive. Allies are pivotal to participating in the campaign and these meetings.

If you have questions about events at our St. George campus, email us at positive.space@utoronto.ca. For ongoing updates, you can also find the latest news through our Positive Space Listserv.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Positive Space Committee meetings are open to current employees and registered students at the University of Toronto. If you are interested in attending to hear about 2SLGBTQ+ related initiatives, you are welcome to join us! Contact the Committee at positive.space@utoronto.ca for more details. 

We usually use this time to connect with others on campus who are interested in creating and supporting Positive Space, share updates on events and initiatives that are taking place on or around campus, and coordinate with other groups on collaborative events where applicable. 

Currently the call for nominations for Co-Chairs are open to U of T employees. The Co-Chairs help with organizing the St. George Positive Space Committee’s activities, including organizing meetings and events. Some past events have included the holiday social in December, the 5-Buck Lunch at Hart House, and the Display Your Pride event in June.

To be eligible, you must be a registered employee at U of T and must have schedule flexibility to allow attendance at events.

2SLGBTQ+ Supports at UTSG

Browse below for a list of supports for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. St. George Positive Space wants all members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community to feel safer and welcome on campus. There are a number of resources & services on our campus that are here to help.

The Health & Wellness Centre provides students with a range of health services for physical and mental health, wellness programs and information to help support achieving personal and academic goals. Students can access gender-affirming care, medical documentation, confidential peer supports, and more.

The SGDO builds supportive learning and working communities by working towards equity and challenging discrimination. The Office provides innovative programming, resources, support, and workshops on sexual and gender diversity for students, staff, faculty, and librarians.

Instagram: @uoftsgdo

The Centre works to create a campus environment where all members of the University community can study, work and live free from sexual violence. With locations on each campus, the Centre helps campus community member who have been affected by sexual violence or sexual harassment access support, services and accommodations.

Our Centre is available to current students, staff, faculty, and librarians at the University of Toronto. People from all gender identities, expressions, and sexualities have access to our services, and will be welcomed by our highly skilled and compassionate team.

Instagram: @uoftconsent

There are a number of campus communities for 2SLGBTQ+ students at the St. George Campus. The longest serving of these campus communities, LGBTOUT, has served the U of T community for over half a century. Today, LGBTOUT provides a safe and inclusive space, resources, and programming for LGBTQ+ students at U of T. Visit our the SGDO website for a full list of campus communities and groups for 2SLGBTQ+ students.