Applications & Nominations for the UTSC Staff or Faculty Positive Space Co-Chair Role

The Positive Space Campaign Committees are a long-standing and important part of the fabric of the University of Toronto’s work on LGBTQ+ inclusion across all three campus communities. The Positive Space Campaign works to promote equity, inclusion and intersectional understandings of identity with a particular focus on sexual and gender diversity.


The Positive Space Campaign Committee is a group of volunteers who work to create awareness of LGBTQ+ communities at the University of Toronto. There is a Positive Space Committee on each of the St. George, UTSC and UTM campuses and each committee hosts events, conducts educational initiatives, and shares information with all members of the campus community.

The Positive Space Committee functions on behalf of senior leadership, reporting to:

  • at St. George, the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity
  • at UTSC, the Vice-President U of T and Principal UTSC
  • at UTM, the Vice-President U of T and Principal UTM

Each senior leadership office provides funding for its local committee and the Positive Space Chair is responsible for this budget and for representing this office in this regard, with support of equity offices. The Chair is responsible for liaising regularly with the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office (SGDO), the UTSC Equity & Diversity Office (EDO) and the other campus Positive Space Co-Chairs.

Positive Space Chair responsibilities include:

  • Hosting regular meetings of the Positive Space Committee through the academic year
  • Providing supervisory support to the student co-chair (as appropriate and relevant)
  • Managing the Positive Space budget, with support of SGDO or EDO as relevant
  • Supervising work-study student (where relevant)
  • Co-managing listserv, including subscription requests and email distribution
  • Co-managing social media and website (where relevant)
  • Working with relevant equity offices to develop annual reports/summaries of activities at the end of the academic year

Staff or Faculty Application Process:

Eligible nominees are employees of the University of Toronto who have some flexibility with their schedule to attend events and monthly meetings. Interested applicants are encouraged to obtain supervisor endorsement prior to applying, as this will be required to fulfill this role.

The Staff/Faculty Chair is a volunteer leadership position, appointed by the Vice-President at the advice of the Directors of the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office and the UTSC Equity & Diversity Office.

The Positive Space Chair’s term will be for 2 years. The term is renewable.

Submit your expression of interest or nomination (or yourself or someone else!) to:

Deadline: Friday, August 28, 2020