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Whether you identify as part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community or as an ally – putting a Positive Space sticker or poster on the door of your office, on your computer, notebook, bulletin board, residence room or apartment means that you are contributing to the creation of an environment that welcomes sexual and gender diversity. See below for downloadable assets and a print order form.

We’ve officially launched a new logo for the Positive Space campaign to better reflect the diversity of 2SLGBTQ+ communities! Read the story about the process behind the new logo design, and support the campaign by ordering free promotional materials (such as stickers and posters) by filling out the form below.

Website Button

Show your support by downloading the updated Positive Space website button! You can insert this graphic onto your website to hyperlink directly to the new Positive Space website at

Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

You can also download updated Positive Space Microsoft Teams backgrounds featuring our new logo. Check them out below:

Stickers & Posters

Displaying a Positive Space sticker or poster signals to others that you are engaging in ongoing learning to support all sexual orientations and gender identities. If you need additional support to meet these expectations, visit the SGDO to register for a training session or to talk with staff who can support your growth and learning.

Sticker (1.5″ x 2.5″)

Poster (8.5″ x 11″)

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Please note that ordered items can only be mailed to addresses that are part of the University of Toronto’s campus mail system and only a maximum of 10 of each item will be sent out per order. If you are able to pick up the requested items, please send a separate email to