Display Your Pride

Every June, U of T’s three campuses celebrate Pride Month and U of T Pride with the annual Display Your Pride event. This multi-institution event, coordinated with GTA universities and colleges during Pride Month in Toronto, encourages individuals and groups of people, whether an office team or colleagues on campus, to show their pride visually in a creative and fun way.

This year, the Positive Space Committees introduced a new friendly photo contest to celebrate the 2024 Display Your Pride event. Check out the entries from the photo contest winners, honourable mentions, and other participants below.

2024 Competition Winners

Faculty of Arts & Science Dean’s Office

“Arts & Science #DisplayYourPride Installation, 2024. Incorporating 11 vibrantly coloured clotheslines that draw inspiration from the colours of the Progress Pride Flag, the installation features donated clothing items that are hung by wooden clothespins. Each one-of-a-kind clothespin was crafted by staff in the Arts & Science Dean’s Office to demonstrate solidarity with the 2SLGBTQ+ community. As you explore the display, you may notice an intentional kaleidoscope of colours, patterns, and textures, reflecting the many diverse identities that make our world beautiful. Much more than a colourful Pride display, the 2024 Arts & Science #DisplayYourPride installation is also about giving back. When the installation is taken down, these colourful garments will find a new home with Friends of Ruby, an organization that supports 2SLGBTQ+ youth in need across the Greater Toronto Area. For more photos of staff hard at work making their beautiful clothespins, check out our slide show.” 

Innis College Staff

“Over several days, dozens of Innis staff meticulously folded 260 paper flowers and arranged them onto 36 coloured triangles, which were configured into one strong symbol that our college is a proud and positive space!”

2024 Honourable Mentions

Operations and Real Estate Partnerships (St. George)

“The display is a labour of love! It took two days, tons of coloured paper, a lot of tape, and a great playlist to complete the vision. Although hands were hurting from all the hole punching it was worth it. As a continuation from the pronoun buttons, we decided to create a polka dot pride display. Being able to be represented in the space you work at, and having our client group members feel seen, safe and genuinely impressed makes it all worthwhile.”

UTM Career Centre

“This display showcases significant impactful advocacy events that resonated with staff, whether it be historical or their own lived experience, for example being a part of a float for the pride parade, seeing gay representation in a children’s cartoon when they were young or historical events such as laws that have passed to help progress 2SLGBTQIA+ rights. The display mimics the colour of the flag and is shaped as an inverted triangle as well to express a positive space.”

UTSC AccessAbility Services

“The ‘Display Our Pride’ photo captures a moment when our team gathered to view our pride window display. We sat together, forming a heart shape with our hands. This gesture reflected on the floor, symbolizing our care and support for our 2SLGBTQ+ community members. This unity highlights our commitment to inclusivity and celebrates the diversity within our department and the students we serve. We see, value, and support the whole person, recognizing every aspect of their identity.”

Other 2024 Display Your Pride Contest Entries

Randomly drawn prize winners

  • Operations and Real Estate Partnerships (St. George)
  • UTM Accessibility Services
  • UTSC Psychology Undergraduate Advisors

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