Display Your Pride 2022


UPDATE: St George Meet up! On Wednesday, June 15th between 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, we invite faculty, staff and students to join us in front of Sidney Smith Hall in your most prideful outfit and show us what your Pride looks like! We will be taking a group photo at 1pm and invite folks to enjoy some light refreshments. – The Positive Space Team


Join U of T as we celebrate Pride with the annual #DisplayYourPride event!

On Wednesday June 15, U of T’s three campuses will celebrate Pride Month and U of T Pride with the annual #DisplayYourPride event!

Decorate your office, your workspace, or get creative with your colleagues to find a way to celebrate Pride! How you do this is up to you and your own interpretation of what Pride means to you at #UofT. Take a picture and post it to Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram and tag your post with the hashtag #DisplayYour Pride. You can also add your campus hashtag (#UofT, #UTM, #UTSC) and then follow us as we try and trend on social media. If you don’t have a social media account, send your photo to the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office and the SGDO team will post it for you.

Please use alt text/image descriptions in posting and sending us your images. We aim to make this day as accessible as possible for all to view and enjoy! For more information about creating alt text for images, please refer to these resources:

Poster with Progress across the bottom and hands of various shades of skin tone emerging from flag holding a variety of 2SLGBTQ+ identity flags. Text above reads: Display Your Pride! 2022. On Wednesday June 15, the three campuses of UofT will be celebrating Pride Mnth and #UofTPride with the annual #DisplayYourPride event! Post or share on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and tag your post with the hashtag #DisplayYourPride. #UofT #UTM #UTSC Floow #DisplayYourPride on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook