Terms of Reference

UTM Positive Space Campaign Terms of Reference (June 2011)



Positive Space Campaign, reporting to the Office of the Vice-President and Principal, challenges the patterns of silence that continue to marginalize lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual and queer students, staff and faculty even in environments with anti-discriminatory and inclusive policies. It proactively creates opportunities to foster constituent awareness and engagement and promotes inclusion of LGBTQ persons in every area of campus life. The Positive Space Campaign exists to prevent particular negative occurrences from arising and to respond when they do occur.



UTM’s Positive Space Campaign is led by two co-chairs named by the Principal. The co-chairs are each appointed for a period of two years and are eligible for re-appointment at the end of their first term but may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

The co-chairs select an advisory committee to help develop and support the campaign and to allow for an expansive and regenerative membership to contribute to its annual projects. The composition of the committee is representative of campus constituencies including students, staff and faculty, includes members of the LGBTQ community and their allies, and represents a variety of skills, knowledge and experience. Committee members serve for a period of two years, typically with staggered start dates to promote continuity. Committee membership may include ad hoc members to support particular campaign initiatives.


Campaign Administration

Resources to support the campaign are provided by the Office of the Vice-President and Principal. The campaign committee meets, at a minimum, six times a year. Meetings are scheduled by the co-chairs in consultation with all members. The committee will decide if it will function under any specified rules of order.



The Positive Space Campaign engages all sectors of the campus in activities and events that create a positive, diverse and inclusive community for learning, working and living. It identifies particular areas of concern, develops strategies to address them and initiates and conducts awareness projects that reflect its mandate.

UTM’s Positive Space Campaign engages in tri-campus initiatives whenever possible and works in conjunction with university equity policies and officers.

The Campaign co-chairs submit an annual report to the Principal at the end of each academic year that summarizes the committee’s activities, provides an overview of areas of concern and recommendations for remedies of the same.


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